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Many people talk about change in their communities, but what does that look like? Where do they start? Is it a better school, lower crime rates, or adequate housing? The answer may vary depending on the needs of your community and those who make that community.

For Margaret Powell advancing her community started with the children. The retired elementary school teacher was born, raised and educated in Baltimore. I was while teaching at Matthew A. Henderson Elementary School, Powell realized that "the school is the community and the community is the school."

Powell took the platform she was given as a teacher to become an advocate for the children of her community. She founded the Imani-Ivy Free Boarding House, Saturday School at Heaven's Gate Eatery and other foundations to make sure students have what they need to thrive inside and outside of the classroom.

In collaboration with Thriving Communities Collaborate (TCC), Powell was able to speak to a group of individuals excited to see their community thrive. Providing these individuals with the inspiration of how to make a better Baltimore.

Powell facilitated open dialogue among concerned citizens earlier this week at Center for Urban Families , she was there to inspire others to work in their community. She led open conversations about What is a community and what encompasses a thriving community. Giving all the individuals there a place to say how they felt a community can become a thriving one.

Through her various works, Mrs. Powell has impacted her community and is now inspiring others to do the same. TCC host events like this monthly for community members to engage in making their community better but also making themselves better. For the next event, check out TCC on facebook (@tccbaltimore) or their .